Danish for Scandinavians

If you are fluent in Swedish or Norwegian, we have a special programme which specifically targets your needs. The programme consists of three courses each lasting six weeks.


Course 1
During the first course, we will mainly work with spoken Danish in simple everyday situations. You will learn the differences between Danish and Swedish/Norwegian in regards to vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. You will practice pronunciation in the language laboratory. You will also do simple written assignments.


Course 2
During the second course we will continue to work with spoken Danish - including pronunciation. We will also include an increasing amount of reading with a focus on vocabulary. We will also work on writing and spelling.


Course 3
During the final course we will focus on spoken Danish in more complex situations including the language of argument. We will focus on linguistic accuracy and we will work with written assignments.


Course starts and –schedules
We offer a variety of Danish for Scandinavian courses throughout the year.
Most of the classes meet twice a week (Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday) at either 16:15-18:50 or 19:00-21:45.


Twice a year, in January and August, we start up a course which meets once a week in the mornings.


Danish for Scandinavians is not offered in July.


Click here to see the current courses. Choose the link with the course start you prefer, and then click on the bar “Danish for Scandinavians”


If you have a social security number (CPR) and are officially registered in a Danish council, you are entitled to subsidized Danish lessons.
If you are from an EU/EEA member state, live in Sweden but work and pay taxes in Copenhagen, you are also entitled to subsidized Danish classes. See more information.