About Studieskolen


We are specialists in Danish Education 3.
All our Danish teachers are university graduates and they actively follow research on language acquisition and pedagogy. We also focus on continuous educational development, so our teachers can use varied teaching methods.
Many of our teachers continually produce new educational materials. This creates a good framework for a varied and efficient teaching.

Our goals

  • We aim for an active and creative environment where both our students and staff have a lot of influence.
  • That our students get the fastest possible language development.
  • Our teaching is tailored to the individual student, but with the common goal of high linguistic competence.
  • A level of Danish for use in business, education and citizenship.
  • To offer courses at all times of the day.
  • That all lessons in the individual modules follow the same structure and have the same linguistic content, so our students can switch classes if needed.
  • That our daily teaching with a textbook is supplemented with projects, IT workshop, language laboratory and pronunciation classes if needed.
  • Focus on giving our students the ability to pass the Danish 3 Examination at an above-average level.
  • Methods and materials are constantly updated.
  • To give our teachers the opportunity to continuously develop materials for teaching.



The purpose of our Danish department is to teach Danish Language Education 3 of Law: Lovbekendtgørele nr. 772 (LBK nr. 772). Our teaching is performed in agreement with the City of Copenhagen.



What do our students think?

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