Learning Danish at Studieskolen

We mainly teach in the classroom. We practice all four language skills in all modules: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
In the beginning we focus a lot on listening comprehension and speaking skills. Later on we focus more on writing. We place great emphasis on practicing correct pronunciation.


  • We vary the way we work and teach in class.
  • We involve our students when we choose themes, texts and projects.
  • In the first modules we are focused on teaching the basic skills and proficiency that everyone needs.
  • Later in the process we form the lessons more to individual needs, interests and future goals of the students.
  • We encourage you to speak Danish and seek out opportunities to experience Danish language and culture outside of class. Then you can bring your experiences and curiosity with you to class.
  • Information about Danish culture is an integral part of the lessons.
  • Our lessons are taught primarily in Danish at all levels. In the first module your teacher can explain a few things in English.

Once you start learning Danish with us, you will also have the opportunity to form both a professional and a social network. In module 5 and 6 much of our teaching is focused on education and the labor market.


What do our students think?

What is it like to learn Danish at Studieskolen?

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