Homework & Materials

As a student at Studieskolen you will have homework to do for each class and you can expect to spend as much time doing homework as you do participating in lessons. It is important that you also speak and practice Danish outside of class.
In our blended online course, you only have to attend class once a week and you have about 8 hours work online every week.


If you are in modules 1, 2 and 3, you must prepare for class by:

  • Listen to monologues and dialogues at home and practise the dialogue and vocabulary in the book.
  • Practise pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • Reading/re-reading the textbook passages and preparing to discuss them in class.
  • Reading other easy texts of different types.
  • Completing written exercises and assignments in the book as well as online.


If you are in modules 4, 5 and 6, you must prepare for class by:

  • Listening to monologues and dialogues at home and practising pronunciation and listening comprehension.
  • Reading both textbook passages and authentic texts from all media.
  • Summarizing and writing stories, interviews, comments, etc.
  • Practising vocabulary and language structure in written assignments.
  • Searching information in Danish media.
  • Preparing oral presentations.
  • Preapring discussions in class.


If you are a student at Studieskolen, you can check your homework on Moodle.


Teaching Material

The material is given to you in class.


In module 1: "Sådan 1" and "Danish to Go"
In module 2: "Sådan 2" and "Danish to Go"
In module 3: "Det kommer!"
In module 4: "Pæredansk" and "Det rykker!"
In module 5: "Ordet er Frit" and "Danske stemmer"


All the teaching materials used at our school - and at many other language schools in Denmark - are developed and written by our Danish teachers.
The higher the module, the more authentic material we use. These could include newspaper articles, television, literature or official texts.


You must be well-prepared, and remember to switch address. See what else is of requirements and legislation.
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