Laws and requirements

As a foreign national moving to Denmark you are normally entitled to have your Danish lessons paid for by your municipality for a period of up to four and a half years.

At Studieskolen you can complete your whole Danish Education and pass Danish Exam 3 in as little as eighteen months. It cannot be done faster if you want a wide vocabulary and enough time to learn how to write correctly. However, the pace is high and it requires a lot of effort on your part.


You have to

  • come to class and be prepared. Otherwise it is very hard to keep up.
  • inform your teacher beforehand if you cannot attend class due to illness or work.
  • do your homework - even if you have been absent for example because of illness.
  • inform your teacher and the office right away if you have to stop your lessons. We need to sign you out, so you are not registered as absent and risk problems with the continuation of your classes.



  • If you take a break for more than six weeks from our classes, you will have to take a placement test before you can start again.
  • If you move, you have to register your new address in the National Register (Folkeregistret). If you do not have an official address, you cannot continue to get your tuition paid by the municipality.
  • Your teacher will decide when you are ready to take the module tests.


Laws and statutes

Studieskolen's Danish courses are held in accordance with the following statutes:

Bekendtgørelse af lov om danskuddannelse til voksne udlændinge m.fl.

Bekendtgørelse om danskuddannelse til voksne udlændinge m.fl.


Studieskolen's exams are held in accordance with the following statute:
Bekendtgørelse om prøver inden for danskuddannelse til voksne udlændinge m.fl.