Irish Culture and Song

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Start 28.02.2020
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Holdnr. 3022-20
Sted Borgergade 14, 1. Sal
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Have you ever wondered who St. Patrick was, how Northern Ireland came to be or what John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all have in common?
Then, perhaps Studieskolen's Irish culture event is for you.

Irish culture and Song will be hosted by English teacher and Irishwoman, Tara Klarlund Hogan. The event includes a presentation, discussion and sing along. Tara will play Irish songs generally related to the topics on her guitar. Participants will be sent the songs beforehand and are encouraged to sing along in true Irish fashion.
This is a fun way to learn more about Ireland and discuss the topics in English with fellow participants.

The themes covered are:

  • British invasion, rebellion and peace process

  • An island of song, dance, Gaelic games and poetry

  • The Irish in America

Time and place:
Friday February 28 17.00-18.40
Studieskolen, Borgergade 14, 1st floor, room 127

Tara Klarlund Hogan

Irish Culture and Song