B2 Business English Communication

mandag 9. september
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Start 09.09.2024
Periode 09.09.2024 til 21.10.2024
Lektioner 18
Hold nr.: 1022-24
Underviser MA Bing Sitoy
Sted Gothersgade 14, 1. sal
Lokale 101
Tid man 18.00 - 20.30
Pris kr. 3.070
Nedsat pris kr. 2.965
Tid man 18.00 - 20.30

Develop your English language skills for the workplace
This course is for you if you are already a competent user of English, but you want to develop your speaking and writing skills further in connection with your work. You will have the opportunity to focus on the areas in which you feel you need the most training. The goal of the course is that you improve your skills further and become confident when communicating in English so you are better able to handle the challenges of your job.

Each week, we will focus on key aspects of English for the workplace such as:

  • Writing difficult emails that are challenging in relation to the subject matter

  • Managing online meetings with multiple participants

  • Writing formally and informally

  • Handling interruptions, arguments and questions during meetings

  • Business-related vocabulary

  • Changing the subject in a polite way

  • Negotiations

We will use communicative tasks to practise the English skills needed to be effective in common workplace scenarios such as:
  • Making proposals, requests, offers and suggestions

  • Presenting, defending and challenging opinions

  • Agreeing and disagreeing

  • Brainstorming

  • The course is not based on a course book. Instead your teacher will provide all the teaching material, which is taken from a variety of interesting and relevant sources and is included in the price. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to share your opinions and ideas with your fellow students. You will develop your skills in a relaxed and friendly environment to help you succeed in the workplace.

    Overview of the course layout and material
    You will receive access to our online digital platform, Moodle. Moodle provides a comprehensive overview of the entire course. You will also be able to contact your classmates and discuss the activities taking place in your class.

    On Moodle you can:

    • see the plan for the course, the individual teaching sessions and homework

    • see teaching materials including extra materials such as videos

    • communicate with your teacher and your fellow students

    • follow up and catch up on lessons missed if you are absent during the course

    Preparation time: 1-2 hours.

    There is a maximum of 8 students in this class.

    Bing Sitoy

    Bing has published a novel and two collections of short stories and has won fellowships and awards for her literary work. She holds an MA from Roskilde University in English Studies/ Cultural and Language Encounters, and has worked as a lifestyle and opinion editor, a newspaper columnist and editorial writer, and a teacher of communication, creative writing and non-fiction.  

    Bing loves the energy and connection of teaching, as well as the diversity of Studieskolen’s student population. She values precision in the use of language and enjoys helping students sharpen their writing and speaking skills.

    Bing recommends:
    Food and drink: Pasta in a sauce of garlic and crab fat, Danish Christmas tea all year round
    Learning tips: Read as much as you can -- take out a good old-fashioned, professionally-edited book from Record yourself in monologues or conversations. Look up the meaning of unfamiliar words and expressions.
    Places to visit: The Big Island in Hawaii; Santorini on the back of a donkey; anywhere in Iceland
    Literature: Julian Barnes, Hilary Mantel, Chandler Burr, Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games), to name a few.
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    B2 Business English Communication

    9. september - 21. oktober