A2 Elementary Conversation for Fluency

mandag 10. august
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Start 10.08.2020
Periode 10.08.2020 til 14.08.2020
Lektioner 25
Holdnr. 5000-20
Underviser CELTA Mavis Graham
Sted Gothersgade 14, 1. Sal
Lokale 104
Tid man 10.00 - 14.25
tir 10.00 - 14.25
ons 10.00 - 14.25
tor 10.00 - 14.25
fre 10.00 - 14.25
Pris kr. 2.070
Nedsat pris kr. 1.920
Tid man 10.00 - 14.25
tir 10.00 - 14.25
ons 10.00 - 14.25
tor 10.00 - 14.25
fre 10.00 - 14.25

Spoken English with a focus on pronunciation
Would you like to broaden your vocabulary and, at the same time, learn to pronounce the words correctly? If so, then this is the course for you.
The course is designed to encourage you to talk as much as possible.

You will learn many new words to help you confidently discuss things like:

  • Where you live

  • What you eat

  • What you experience in your daily life

  • Where you have travelled

  • You and your fellow students will practise and develop your English through role-plays and exercises, which will strengthen your ability to have a conversation. Discussions will be based on, amongst other things, pictures, texts, video clips and audio files, on subjects from travel to food. For example, you could talk about where you would like to travel, or what your opinion is about a topic taken from the news.

    Preparation time: approx. 1-2 hours.

    We will use teaching material that has been specially selected based on your and the other students' interests and needs. Specific grammar will only be studied if several students need it. The focus is on helping you to hold a fluent conversation in English.

    The Moodle learning platform
    Moodle is Studieskolen's online course platform, which we use for all our courses. You will be given personal access to your course Moodle page, where you can:

    • Find your course plan and teaching material

    • Find homework

    • Watch videos and click on links to useful English resources on the Internet uploaded by your teacher

    • Find practical information about each lesson

    • Communicate with your teacher and fellow students

    If you are ill or absent during the course, you can always follow the teaching and catch up via Moodle.

    Please note that you are entitled to a discount if you sign up for two, three or four summer courses. The discount of 500, 700 and 1000 crowns is paid out at the end of the summer course period. The courses must take place in June, July and August 2020.

    Mavis Graham

    Mavis Graham har en CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). Hun har jamaicanske rødder, men er født og opvokset i England og flyttede til Danmark i 2003. Mavis har en sprudlende personlighed og mener, at ”al undervisning skal være både sjov og lærerig!”

    Mavis anbefaler:
    Places to visit in England: The Cotswolds, Devon and Cornwall – for a beautiful coastline, countryside, villages and many other attractions.
    Food: Go to a tea room in a village, in any tourist area, and have scones with clotted cream and jam. Yummy! Fish and chips (with salt and vinegar), from a good fish 'n’ chips shop, is a 'must try' and can be bought almost anywhere in England. Enjoy!

    Learning Tips:
    Read English books that have CDs so that you can listen while you read for correct pronunciation.
    Watch lots of English films and only use subtitles in English, if needed
    Try to use new words and phrases that you learn, as much as possible.  Remember - ‘use it or lose it'!
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    A2 Elementary Conversation for Fluency

    10. august - 14. august