Michelle Pøhls

Michelle teaches both general and business English classes. She has a BA in English from Black Hills State University in South Dakota. She started her teaching career in China in 1988. Afterwards, she finished her degree and moved to Honduras where she taught at an American International School in the daytime and a business language school in the evenings. After three years of living in the tropics, she and her Danish husband returned to Denmark to raise their children. She has been teaching in Denmark since 1997, but plans to return to the international circuit when her children fly the coop.
What Michelle enjoys most about teaching is learning from her business students about many different aspects in business and from her other students about many different countries and their cultures.

Michelle recommends:
Food and drink: Midwestern American prime rib, medium rare, with an optional glass of Chilean red wine.
Learning tips: Marry a native speaker whose parents don’t speak your language. If that’s not an option, read all forms of publications and listen to podcasts of all levels.
Places to visit: anyplace in the US west of the Great Plains, though not including LA.
Entertainment: the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July and the Opera in the Park at Rosenborg in August.