A1.1 Italian for beginners - in English

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Start 04.09.2024
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Underviser cand.mag. Annamaria Ventura
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Are you visiting Italy soon? Join our class in English and learn a little Italian before you go
Would you like to learn some Italian, perhaps before a trip to Italy? This course is for you if you do not know Italian at all and you don't speak Danish. We promise you that your trip will be more fun if you speak even just a little Italian. Italians are always very happy when you try to meet them in their own language.

Buongiorno, signora!
You will learn the essentials so that you can talk to Italians about selected topics.
You'll learn to say phrases like good morning buongiorno and good night buona sera in different ways - depending on what time of day you meet the local Italians and how polite you want to be.

You will learn to present yourself and talk about other people. At the same time, you will practise the most frequent expressions and sentences that you use for starting a short informal conversation. You will also get to read and understand information about some famous sights in Italy.

In class, we practise different situations you might experience on your travels, so that you know what to say when you want to buy a train ticket, find the right train or the right street.

Not least, you will learn the numbers, the days of the week, months and seasons and how to ask about the time.

The course is designed to encourage you to talk as much as possible and learn to pronounce words correctly. For example, you will learn to talk about your daily life. What do you do during a normal day?

You will learn many words to help you ask questions about things like:

  • Where the bus is

  • When the train will leave

  • How other people are feeling

To make you speak Italian as fast as possible, your teacher will be speaking Italian most of the time. But she will explain grammar and other things in English.

You and your fellow students will practise and develop your Italian through role-plays and exercises which strengthen your ability to have a conversation. Discussions will be based on a variety of things such as pictures, texts, video clips and audio files, and subjects such as travel or the weather.

Overview of the course layout and material
You will receive access to our online digital platform, Moodle. Moodle provides a comprehensive overview of the entire course. You will also be able to contact your classmates and discuss the activities taking place in your class.

On Moodle you can:

  • see the plan for the course, the individual teaching sessions and homework

  • see teaching materials including extra materials such as videos

  • communicate with your teacher and your fellow students

  • follow up and catch up on lessons missed if you are absent during the course

Teaching material
Un nuovo giorno in Italia A1, ISBN 9788820127985, L. Chiappini e N. De Filippo, Loescher.
We will be reading chapters 0-4.
You can buy the book at or We ask you to purchase the book before the class starts.

Preparation time: approx. 1-2 hours.
There are 13-20 students in this class.

Annamaria Ventura

A1.1 Italian for beginners - in English

4. september - 22. januar