Danish courses for non-beginners

RIf you already speak a little (or a lot) Danish you shall enrol in one of our classes for non-beginners from level A2 to level C1.
Here you can also find courses in Danish conversation.

Danish for non-beginners

If you already speak a little - or a lot - Danish you shall enrol in one of our classes for non-beginners.

Before you sign up for a Danish course, we recommend that you contact our student advisor. She will talk with you and give you good advice on which course to choose. She might recommend that you take a level test.

We ensure that all students in the Danish class are at the same level. This makes it much easier to learn Danish quickly and efficiently - and this is why we would like you to contact our student advisor.

You can contact the student advisor during opening hours: Mon 10-13, Tue 14-17, Wed 10-13, Thu 14-17 and Fri 10-13.

You can either come to our office, you can call us on tel. 33 18 79 00 or you can write an e-mail:

If you do not have the opportunity to contact the student advisor, please take our free online Danish test. The test result will make it easier for you to decide which course to take.

When you have talked with the student advisor or when you have taken the online test you are ready to sign up.

Click here to take the test.

Danish for Scandinavians
Do you speak Swedish or Norwegian fluently? Choose one of our Danish classes designed for native speakers of Swedish or Norwegian - click here.

What language can lead to

What language can lead to

Daniel from New Zealand has learned Danish at Studieskolen – in only 2½ years he has made so much progress that he speaks Danish almost flawlessly. He can cope with any situation – on the job, in his family and among friends.
It pays to learn the language properly.
See the film with Daniel in Danish.


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