Danish for beginners

With a Danish beginner course at Studieskolen you will learn to speak and understand Danish in simple daily situations.
You will learn e.g.:

  • To describe yourself
  • To ask about others
  • To read very simple texts about subjects you are already familiar with 
  • To write very simple sentences 
  • To count, tell time, name the days of the week, etc.
  • Danish pronunciation
  • A bit about Danish culture and society 

Our Danish courses are designed for foreigners who have an education and who learn new languages easily. In our courses, you will learn a lot of Danish in a short time.
We ensure that all students in the Danish class are at the same level. This makes it much easier to learn Danish quickly and efficiently and leaves more time for our students to focus on their other studies or work – or in finding a better job.

Danish for Scandinavians
Do you speak Swedish or Norwegian fluently? Choose one of our Danish classes designed for native speakers of Swedish or Norwegian - click here.