Talk: Business in Denmark

november 12, 2021

Talk: Business in Denmark. How a Small Fairytale Country has become a World Business Leader

How can such a small fairytale country like Denmark have such a high international profile regarding companies and attract thousands of skilled workers?

Behind the success lies a long historical culture of collaboration and entrepreneurship, that goes well beyond the success stories of major companies like Mærsk, Novo and Lego.

A carefully preserved spirit of security, negotiation, and education will be presented along with some great stories - leaving you with an insight into living and working in Denmark.

The talk is in English, you are welcome to ask questions in English or Danish.

Lecturer: Oscar Sanz

It takes place:
Friday 12 November 16:30 - 18:00
Studieskolen, Borgergade 12, 1st floor, room 108-110

It's free, but please register below.