Media workshop - Get started with news in Danish

March 16, 2023

Media workshop – Get started with news in Danish

Join our workshop and get an intensive course in:

  • Understanding news in Danish
  • Danish magazines and newspapers: What do you read if you’re right-wing, an intellectual, politically correct, money-oriented etc.?
  • News we discuss at lunch
  • The benefits of staying up-to-date in Danish (and what you might miss if you only read news in your native tongue)
  • Newspapers and websites that are good to know when you are new to Denmark
  • A soft start: Ladies’ mags, union mags, interior magazines, sports magazines etc.
  • Language used in papers or the news: Typical expressions, words and sentence constructions in news
  • Language used in magazines and weeklies: What can you learn from reading magazines?

The workshop is held by Mette Bennike, who teaches Danish at Studieskolen and is also a trained journalist.

The workshop is held in easy-to-understand Danish and English and is aimed at those of you studying DU3 module 3, 4 or 5.

Time and place:
Friday 17 March 2023 at 16:30-18:00
At Studieskolen, Valdemarsgade 16, 3rd floor, room 307

It is free, but please sign up in advance. You can sign up below.