Talk and debate about Danish art

April 20, 2023

Talk and debate about Danish art

Join us for a talk and debate. We take a closer look at artists that are considered Danish while also discussing whether their nationality is vital to understanding their art.

We look at many of the artists that are in the Danish Culture Canon from 2006. This includes the French-born sculptor Jacques-François-Joseph Saly, Berthel Thorvaldsen, C.W. Eckersberg, Vilhelm Hammershøi, J.F. Willumsen, L.A. Ring and Asger Jorn. After this, we discuss what ‘danskhed’ (‘Danishness’) means for the concept of Danish art.

”What is Danish art?”

That question is actually quite hard to answer. Some artists are considered Danish even though their art dates back way before the establishment of the national identity we now know as Danish. Others perhaps trained with or were heavily influenced by artists abroad. And others again might live in Denmark but come from an immigrant background.

The talk is in easy-to-understand Danish for our students who study Danish.

It is held by Jens Tang Kristensen, who holds a PhD in Art History and is curator at Museum Sønderjylland.

Time and place:
Friday 21 April 2023 at 16:30-18:00
At Studieskolen, Valdemarsgade 16, 3rd floor, room 307

It is free, but please sign up in advance. You can sign up below.