Danes and faith – the Danish National Church

March 02, 2023

What do we mean when we say that Denmark is a Christian country? And how religious are Danes really?

The Evangelical-Lutheran Church is the only denomination that is supported by the state of Denmark and it occupies a special constitutional status as a state church – ‘folkekirken’.

We take a close look at the role that the Danish National Church plays in society today, and what Danes' relationship to faith and church is.

The talk is in English for our Danish students.

It is held by our Danish teacher Vera Kirstine Sønderby Jensen.

Time and place:
Friday 3 March 2023 from 16:30 to 18:00
On Zoom - we will send you the link by email.

It is free, but please sign up in advance. You can sign up below.