Walking through Danish history

June 02, 2023

Walking through Danish history

We meet up at the National Museum of Denmark and take a walk through the exhibition named “Stories of Denmark (1660-2000)”.

The exhibition goes through highlights in Danish history from the time of absolute monarchy until present time. We follow the most important cultural traces that has formed Denmark into the country we know today. 

You can walk alone, with a teacher or in groups, and as you progress through the exhibition, you get to answer a small quiz. 

Maria-Sophie Schmidt, one of our Danish teachers, leads the way at the museum. She will speak Danish as well as English on the tour.

The event is only for students who study Danish at Studieskolen.

Time and place:
Saturday 3 June 2023
Meeting place: The main entrance to the National Museum of Denmark, Ny Vestergade 10
Meeting time: 10:00

We finish around noon.

It is free, but please sign up in advance. You can sign up below.