Student Talk with Charles Northam

november 21, 2019

Charles NorthamCharles Northam is Head of International Finance at the Danish Red Cross and he has only been living and working in Denmark for 15 months.

However, he is willing to share his experience with you on working as a senior manager with the Danish Red Cross and some of the workplace and cultural differences / challenges he has experienced compared to working for international organisations in other countries.

Charles Northam will talk about his experience of and the challenges of recruiting staff for his finance team in Denmark including the criteria they use to short list candidates for interviews.

He will also give you an insight into the operations of the Danish Red Cross with a focus on the international projects they implement in 30 countries across the world from the HQ in Copenhagen.


Charles Northam
Head of International Finance
Danish Red Cross

It takes place on Thursday 21 November 2019 from 16:00 to 17:00
Studieskolen, Borgergade 12, 1st floor, room 108-110

It's free, but please register below.