Tihomira: “I have a very busy life, but Danish classes are my recharge”

"When I was at high school in Bulgaria, my English teacher told me I had to change schools because I didn’t have a talent for languages. That stuck with me for a long time.

I lived in Denmark for some years without learning much Danish. I have a young child, a husband and a busy job. But one day I finally decided to learn it, and I started from scratch with an intensive course at Studieskolen. Since then, I have used different courses that fit my level, pace and schedule.

I like learning Danish at Studieskolen. The class is a safe environment where you can make mistakes. You learn from each other’s mistakes and you don’t feel bad about it. And the teachers are there to help and support you.  

My life is very busy, but after a heavy day, I am still enthusiastic to go to Danish class. It’s a recharge. It inspires you. I didn’t think I was good at languages, and now Danish classes are something I look forward to!

A year ago, I couldn’t speak to my neighbours or watch a movie in Danish. Now I can. And I keep going to Studieskolen and studying Danish. Because I like it."