Aja Christensen

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, some Danish music or a Danish artist. It could also be a building or a street. This is what Aja recommends.

Your favorite free place in Copenhagen
“I have a soft spot for the cemetery Assistens Kirkegård, where you can enjoy the changing of the seasons, take a walk or enjoy sitting on the grass with friends surrounded by mature trees, flowers, squirrels and tranquility - a tranquility that exists, despite the fact that the place is located between two busy roads (Nørrebrogade and Jagtvej). It is fascinating how well the fusion of park and cemetery works here.

And if you want to have a barbeque on a nice summer evening, then Hans Tavsens park is right next to 'Assistensen', which the cemetery is called by the local people. The sun shines until late and there is always a good atmosphere."
Can you recommend a Danish artist?
“Yes, I am particularly fond of Danish literature. I love it when writers write well - that is, from a linguistic point of view. It fascinates me. I think my literary idols right now are Theis Ørntoft and Signe Gjessing. They are very different, but their work has an edge that you cannot miss.

And then there's Danish music – right now I am enthusiastic about Minds of 99. I think they, like the above-mentioned writers, do something special. And their concerts are absolutely brilliant! ”

Aja Christensen teaches Danish at Studieskolen