Bodil Jeppesen

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, some Danish music or a Danish artist. It could also be a building or a street. This is what Bodil recommends.

Do you have any favorite places to see in Copenhagen that are peaceful and quiet?
Yes, the ‘Nordhavnstippen’ – so far, not a building site, but a beautiful, unspoiled nature area.
And, at the end of the Nordhavn pier, there is a small, cozy harbor along the green coastal line of Øresund. No traffic. No cafés. No city noise. You can bring your own picnic basket, rest on the lawn, listen to the sea, and enjoy the view up and down the coast and all the way to Sweden.

Can you recommend a place, in which to see Danish modern art for free?
For sure – ‘Edition Copenhagen’ in Strandgade at Christianshavn. It has a large exhibition room, showing (and for purchase) prints and lithographs of most present, Danish artists – including the very well-known ones and those less known by the public. Most of them are painters.
Behind the exhibition lies the studio, where the artists have their arts printed.

Within Copenhagen, do you have a museum to recommend?
Yes I do, although  it’s a bit nerdy. Say you were interested in industrial history and wanted to experience, actually seing and hearing something from the times when the harbor of Copenhagen actually WAS a major- and busy harbor, with traffic of goods and people, with a huge shipyard and an engine factory (Burmeister & Wain), cranes, and hardworking men on the wharf and on the ships – then a must see is the ‘Diesel House’ at Orsted in Sydhavnen (formerly a coal power plant named H.C. Ørstedsværket) . If you check their website ahead of a visit, you can find the schedule for when they operate the huge, historic diesel engine and actually hear it working. For 30 years, it was in fact the worlds’ largest of its kind. Not to mention the fact that if you stroll along the habor to get there, it is right behind the mall of ‘Fisketorvet’.