Danish for beginners 1 (A1) - online

Tuesday August 17
DKK 1,370
Start 17.08.2021
Period 17.08.2021 to 23.09.2021
Lessons 24
Class no. 06003-21
Teacher cand.mag. Laust Mikkel Lundkjær Rasmussen
Location online
Room Zoom
Time Tue 14:30 - 16:00
Thu 14:30 - 16:00
Price DKK 1,370
Time Tue 14:30 - 16:00
Thu 14:30 - 16:00

Speak Danish!
A course for students who cannot come to class or live outside Copenhagen.
There will be two online sessions a week.
This class requires self discipline and motivation!

You will very quickly learn to handle very simple situations in Danish.
You will first learn the absolute basics, such as:

  • Telling a little bit about yourself

  • Asking about others

  • Asking how someone is doing

  • Asking someone their name, where they live, and where they are from

  • Asking someone which languages they speak

Within a short amount of time, you will also learn numbers, time expressions, and the names of weekdays and months.
You will learn how to ask someone for their telephone number and address and also both tell about your own family and ask others about theirs.
We will talk about housing and different types of homes, and you will learn to describe how and where you live. You will learn to tell about your job and much else besides.

Pronunciation is a chapter for itself.
It is critical that you acquire good Danish pronunciation, which is why we focus on it from the very beginning. We will practise how to pronounce the different sounds unique to Danish, and how the melody of a Danish sentence should sound.

Teaching materials developed at Studieskolen
The teaching material Danish to Go is a learning system which is developed by teachers at Studieskolen specifically for Studieskolen's students.
The material is online. You will get access to a comprehensive online learning site with sound, video, practice exercises and online resources with grammar and vocabulary.
We will be working with chapters 1-3.
Each chapter consists of:

  • A video with four main characters, experiencing typical everyday situations

  • An introduction to new vocabulary with short texts and listening exercises

  • An introduction to pronunciation and pronunciation exercises

  • Verbal exercises and tasks, f.ex. conversation exercises

  • A series of grammar and vocabulary exercises

  • Writing exercises

The teaching materials are included in the course price. You will also automatically receive access to our online learning platform Moodle.

How is the class conducted?
The teaching form is online.
You will work on your computer on listening comprehension, reading and writing exercises. Twice a week there will be online sessions where we practice oral Danish and conversation. We will also work on pronunciation and grammar.
The class is held in Danish, but we use English as a helping language, f.ex. to explain grammar.

Practical information
This course is for those who do not already speak any Danish.
Danish for beginners is the equivalent of the first half of level A1 in the Common European Framework Reference for Languages.
You must have access to a computer good internet access and a web camera. It is an advantage if you are experienced in using digital tools.

Laust Mikkel Lundkjær Rasmussen

Laust recommends a place to go at no cost in Copenhagen:
"If you love to run or walk outdoors, Amagers’ many cool areas are an obvious choice. I am particularly fond of two different areas in Amager:

Amager Strandpark offers an interesting mix between the atmosphere found at ‘Vesterhavet’ and modern urban planning, and you can choose to follow the winding concrete paths, walk or run in the sand along the beach, climb the small marshy hills, or pass by the long grassy areas that extend down the old coastline.

With its large network of paths and varied planting, Amager Common is an obvious target for a fresh run regardless of the season. Furthermore, in late summer, large amounts of blackberries and other edible berries and plants can be found here. If you choose to "climb" the largest of the artificial hills, located in the middle of the common, you get a fantastic view of most of Copenhagen and Amager.

As a small bonus, both of the mentioned sites boast a lot of surrounding modern architecture on the southern part of Islands Brygge, in Ørestad, and in the area at the northern part of Amager Strandpark. It provides an exciting contrast to the nature areas and makes walking or running even more interesting."

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Danish for beginners 1 (A1) - online

17 August - 23 September