Danish for beginners 2 (A1)

Monday August 16
DKK 1,370
Start 16.08.2021
Period 16.08.2021 to 22.09.2021
Lessons 24
Class no. 06014-21
Teacher cand.mag. Vera Sønderby Jensen
Location Borgergade 12, 1. floor
Room 108
Time Mon 18:20 - 19:50
Wed 18:20 - 19:50
Price DKK 1,370
Time Mon 18:20 - 19:50
Wed 18:20 - 19:50

Speak Danish!
This course is for you if you have taken our beginner level 1 or a beginners' course somewhere else.
In this course you will continue to strengthen your skills in speaking Danish in everyday situations, f.ex.: when you

  • are shopping

  • are eating at a restaurant or going to a café

  • are speaking to your friends

  • are taking the bus, train, or metro

We will talk about leisure time and interests, and you will learn to tell about what you are doing when you are not working or studying. You will also learn to explain what you did before, where you were, and what you will be doing later.
We practise expressing things that have happened in the past.
You will learn to express what you like, and what you don't like.
We will also work with listening and video exercises, so your understanding of spoken Danish keeps improving.

Danish pronunciation
It is critical that you acquire good Danish pronunciation, which is why, every time we meet, we focus on how to pronounce the different sounds unique to Danish, and how the melody of a Danish sentence should sound.

Teaching materials developed at Studieskolen
The teaching material Danish to Go is a learning system which is developed by teachers at Studieskolen specifically for Studieskolen's students.
The material consists of two books you will use in class, a textbook and an exercise book, as well as a comprehensive online learning site with sound, video, practice exercises, and online resources with grammar and vocabulary.
We will be working with chapters 4-6.
Each chapter consists of:

  • A video with four main characters, experiencing typical everyday situations

  • An introduction to new vocabulary with short texts and listening exercises

  • An introduction to pronunciation and pronunciation exercises

  • Verbal exercises and tasks, f.ex. conversation exercises

  • A series of grammar and vocabulary exercises

  • Writing exercises

The teaching materials are included in the course price. The teacher will hand out the books in class, and you will automatically receive access to our online learning platform Moodle.

How is the class conducted?
The teaching form is blended learning, where in class we work with oral Danish and conversation exercises, we practise pronunciation and work a little on grammar.
At home on your own computer you will spend a lot of time working on listening comprehension, reading and writing exercises.
The class is held in Danish, but we use English as a helping language, f.ex. to explain grammar.

Practical information
This course is for those who already speak some Danish, f.ex if you have already taken the first half of Danish Education 3 module 1, or Studieskolen's Danish for beginners 1.
Danish for beginners 2 is the equivalent of the second half of level A1 in the Common European Framework Reference for Languages.
There are 4 lessons of 45 minutes in class per week.
We expect you to do homework 8 hours per week.
There will be 10-18 students per class.

If at some point we are required to discontinue classroom teaching with physical attendance due to corona, lessons will continue online in Zoom.
Online lessons due to corona are considered regular tuition, regardless of whether the individual participant wishes to make use of this option or not.
If we have to switch to online lessons, compensation in the form of reimbursement or replacement tuition will not apply.
Remember that you can always cancel your registration until one week before your course starts.

Vera Sønderby Jensen

Vera recommends:
Your favourite place in Copenhagen that’s free
“I live in Frederiksberg, and I often choose to take a walk in Frederiksberg Gardens when I need a little fresh air. I always pick different routes around the gardens and let my thoughts flow freely as I enjoy the little lakes and canals and the different birds, trees and shrubbery.
I walked the garden paths thin during the shutdown and every day I noticed little harbingers of spring signaling that hope was, after all, ahead!”

Your favourite music
”One of my favourite songwriters is Jonas Petersen from Hymns from Nineveh. At one point he has called his songs for ‘little hymn-like pop songs’, and that is what they are. Jonas Petersen finds his inspiration in old Danish hymns. This has resulted in his latest Danish-language album, named Sindets Asyl. In it, you enter a world that contains sorrow, hope, regret and euphoric joy. I truly recommend listening to the album – and going to a Hymns from Nineveh concert."

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Danish for beginners 2 (A1)

16 August - 22 September