Jacob Fabrin Born

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place in or outside Copenhagen. It could also be a building, a museum or nature. This is what Jacob recommends.

Jacob Fabrin Born teaches Danish at Studieskolen

Your favorite museum
"If you need to get away from Copenhagen for a while, go to Dronningmølle. It is a small town in Nordsjælland, located right on the coast, at Kattegat.
Here you can visit Tegner’s Museum, a slightly odd museum designed and build by the sculptor Rudolph Tegner.
Afterwards you can go for a walk in the lovely park. The landscape around Tegners Museum is very beautiful with heather and hills. And when you're tired of hiking, you can take a quick swim in the sea."

Your favorite bike trip
"If you do not want to leave Copenhagen, get your bike and take a ride around Amager!  Air and exercise are both guaranteed. When you need a break, simply stop and enjoy a cup of coffee."