Danish your way

Ana and Mortitz learn Danish at Studieskolen. Ana is from Argentina, she is a doctor and therefore she has to learn Danish the specific Danish she needs as a doctor.
Moritz has just arrived from Germany to start a new job in a large wind turbine company. Everyone speaks English, but he’d like to be able to speak Danish with the others at the coffee machine.
They both learn Danish at Studieskolen - their way!


Levels, tracks and language test

Before you register for a Danish class you need to consider how many lessons per week you can attend.
If you already speak some Danish you need to find out what your level is. Once you have taken our free online language test you will be ready to register for the correct course.

Three different tracks

When choosing your Danish course, you can choose between three different tracks. The main difference between the tracks is how many lessons there are per week and how many hours you have to study at home.

Of course, you need to choose the track that suits you and your everyday life.

No matter which track you choose, progression is fast and you learn a lot in no time. All our courses last six weeks, so every six weeks you can switch to another track if your needs change.

1. For the busy student: once a week

For those of you who only have time to go to class once a week. In return, you are willing to do a lot of homework. It is important that you enjoy studying and working on new material on your own.  


2. For the student who wants to speak a lot of Danish in class

For those of you who learn well in the classroom with the guidance of a teacher. This track gives you more support when learning Danish. This track is particularly suitable if you do not have many people to speak Danish with in your everyday life.


3. For the student who wants to learn Danish first thing in the morning

For those of you who want to learn Danish in the morning. You have a lot of time in class with the teacher so you can be supported and guided as much as possible.




If you need to learn Danish extra quickly, then you should choose our crash course. Here you will learn it all in half the time!

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