Uffe Kasper Rasmussen

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, some Danish music or a Danish artist. It doesn't have to be in Copenhagen. This is what Uffe recommends.

Your favorite music
"If you want to listen to stereotype Copenhagen Danish-language pop rock, then Love Shop is a fine option with evocative and hard-hitting lyrics and music, and they are also a fantastic live band with the incomparable Jens Unmack in front.
Burnin Red Ivanhoe is another great example of interesting Danish rock. With its fusion of jazz and rock and its starting point in the late 1960s, the early records are a good bid for music that is deviating from the main stream, complex, and daring."

Favorite place
"Get away from the noice of Copenhagen! Go to Odsherred and enjoy the beaches and the beautiful scenery - and perhaps you will see a white-tailed eagle. Or take a walk to Nokken where your pulse will ease and you can sit by the coast."

Favorite building
"There are many details in the architecture of Copenhagen. Look up when you walk or bike through the city, There is plenty more to look at than shop windows and Copenhageners."