Faq - questions and answers

Find answers to many questions about our classes.


  • To get the most out of our courses, we recommend that:

    • you have 12 years of education
    • you have taken, are in the process of or planning to take further education
    • you have learned a foreign language other than your native language
    • you can speak English
    • you are good at grammar, e.g. you can analyze a sentence
  • If the course level is wrong for you, your teacher can move you to the right level during the first week of the course.

    If you want to cancel your registration you can get your money back until one week before your course starts (minus a fee of DKK 100). After this date your enrolment is binding whether you attend class or not.

  • You do not have to pay a deposit at Studieskolen.
    Studieskolen’s Danish courses are private, so they are not regulated by the municipality's voucher system. You can spend as long as you want to learning Danish at Studieskolen.
  • You cannot take a module test at Studieskolen, but we will test your Danish level after each course so you are sure that you are ready for the next level.
    If you need a certificate, we will issue a course certificate.
    When you are ready to take a Danish Exam 3 or the Higher Education Exam, we will help you register for the exam at a Sprogcenter. Please note that you have to pay a fee to take a Danish exam.
  • Moodle is the learning platform, used in Studieskolen, in which the teacher can communicate with the participants in a course and upload different materials.

    1. How to log in
    You can log in by clicking here, by typing, or, by clicking on “Studentlogin” in the footer of our website.

    2. If you are a new user
    Log in by using this information:
    Username: your e-mail address (the one you provided us when registering)
    Password: You have received an email with a password from Studieskolen.
    The first time you log in to Moodle you must change the password to one of your own choice.

    3. You have been attending a course in Studieskolen before with access to Moodle
    Log in by using this information:
    Username: your e-mail address or your 5-digit participant number.
    Password: The one you created the first time you logged on.
    If you have previously taken a course at Studieskolen, you will not receive a new password.

    4. Where to find your course
    When you have logged in, click on your course number and you will see your present course. You can find material from earlier courses (only for the previous year) under “Archives”.

    5. If you have forgotten your password
    Please click on “Forgotten your username or  password” from the log in window. We will send a new password to your email address.