Sif Damsholt

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, some Danish music or a Danish artist. It could also be a building or a street. This is what Sif recommends.

A spot in Copenhagen
”I love board games and relaxed cafés and so Bastard Café in central Copenhagen is the perfect place for me to enjoy a good cup of coffee or a cold beer with my mates. The atmosphere is always great and there are nice people around you. Bastard Café believes in doing something anti-digital once in a while such as playing a good old-fashioned board game and enjoying each other’s company. I am a great fan of that message.”

Favourite music
“There are a huge amount of good new Danish artists right now, within rap, pop and everything in-between. But often, I find myself returning to good old Kim Larsen. He is commonly referred to as the national bard of Denmark and that is well-deserved – the lyrics are both funny and jolly as well as melancholy.

A special place in Copenhagen I am fond of
“I love all the opportunities Copenhagen offers for nature, water and city life. I love walking around Frederiksberg Gardens – in summer as well as winter. The gardens are beautiful with lots of pretty little paths and lakes, and it is always fun to be able to wave at the elephants in Copenhagen Zoo. Amager has also claimed a spot in my heart, and I thoroughly recommend Amager Strand on a hot summer’s day if you need a little sand between your toes.”