B1+ Conversation for Confidence

Wednesday September 25
DKK 4,140
Reduced price
DKK 3,890
Start 25.09.2019
Period 25.09.2019 to 18.12.2019
Lessons 42
Class no. 1420-19
Teacher CELTA Mavis Graham
Location Borgergade 12, 1. floor
Room 117
Time Wed 17:30 - 20:30
Price DKK 4,140
Reduced price DKK 3,890
Time Wed 17:30 - 20:30

Would you like to speak English in a small group?
Are you quite good at English, but feel insecure every time you have to say something in English? Do you want to convince yourself, once and for all, that you speak English much better than you give yourself credit for? Perhaps you have just got an English-speaking son-in-law or daughter-in-law, or perhaps you're just tired of always holding back when a conversation is conducted in English.

If so, then this course is for you. There can be 6-12 students on the course, so you will have plenty of opportunity to talk, while you will also meet other students who are just like you and do not think that they are good at English, although this is often untrue. This course is very popular. We know that putting students who have a similar opinion of their own English skills together makes a big difference. You should get to know the other students quicker than you would on another course because of the low number of participants who have the same needs.

A popular course with appropriate teaching material
The low number of students on the course means that the teacher is better able to select material that meets your and the other students' needs. The course material is included in the price.

You will broaden your vocabulary and learn to speak more fluently and precisely by discussing texts. The course includes various fun activities, which will help you to find the right words in English. This should help you to crack the code faster so you feel comfortable participating in the conversations.

Grammar is a small part of the course and there aren't any written assignments.

Preparation time: approx. 1 hour.

The Moodle learning platform
Moodle is Studieskolen's online course platform, which we use for all our courses. You will be given personal access to your course Moodle page, where you can:

  • Find your course plan and teaching material

  • Find homework

  • Watch videos and click on links to useful English resources on the Internet uploaded by your teacher

  • Find practical information about each lesson

  • Communicate with your teacher and fellow students

If you are ill or absent during the course, you can always follow the teaching and catch up via Moodle.
6-12 students.

Mavis Graham

B1+ Conversation for Confidence

25 September - 18 December