A2.2 Everyday English

Wednesday January 8
DKK 3,955
Reduced price
DKK 3,665
Start 08.01.2020
Period 08.01.2020 to 14.02.2020
Lessons 48
Class no. 3007-20
Teacher CELTA Mavis Graham
Location Borgergade 12, 1. floor
Room 124
Time Wed 09:30 - 13:00
Fri 09:30 - 13:00
Price DKK 3,955
Reduced price DKK 3,665
Time Wed 09:30 - 13:00
Fri 09:30 - 13:00

This course is for you if you have already taken the first half of our elementary level, an elementary course at another language school, or if you have previously spoken English and would like a brush up. It focuses on the four skills you need when you are learning a new language: speaking, listening, reading and writing so you will experience well-balanced progress. On this course, you will become more fluent when speaking to new people.

This could be when having conversations about:

  • Sports and fitness

  • Holidays

  • Food and drink

  • Film

You will also learn a lot of new words to do with, for example, a healthy lifestyle, transport, the weather, nature and geography, technology and you will learn how to pronounce the new words correctly.

The primary focus is that you become better at speaking English, but you will also be given short written assignments for homework, for example, writing a review. We will also study some elementary grammar in each lesson to give you a framework on which to build the language.

We will study selected chapters from the book, Navigate.

On the course, you will typically meet students who need to improve their English because they have recently got a new job, or students who need to improve their English quickly so they can perform well in their current job.

Preparation time: approx. 1-2 hours.

Teaching material
Navigate Elementary, Student's book, 2016 (Oxford University Press), ISBN 9780194566360. We will study selected pages. You should buy the book before the start of the course. You can either buy the book online at or at their shop:
Academic Books
Øster Farimagsgade 5 A
1353 København K
The book includes access to an online skills programme and CD for self-study outside the classroom. In addition, the book can be projected onto the whiteboard so you and the other students will typically follow the teaching there as well as looking in your own book.

The Moodle learning platform
Moodle is Studieskolen's online course platform, which we use for all our courses. You will be given personal access to your course Moodle page, where you can:

  • Find your course plan and teaching material

  • Find homework

  • Watch videos and click on links to useful English resources on the Internet uploaded by your teacher

  • Find practical information about each lesson

  • Communicate with your teacher and fellow students

If you are ill or absent during the course, you can always follow the teaching and catch up via Moodle.
7-14 students.

Mavis Graham

A2.2 Everyday English

8 January - 14 February