Dale Payatt

Dale has been teaching for 30 years. Having graduated with a first-class degree in politics, he subsequently gained a master’s degree in economics and government from Manchester University.

While studying for his master’s degree, he also taught a number of university courses for undergraduate students in politics, economics and philosophy. As a result, he learned the importance of motivation in the learning process. A teacher can strengthen the learner’s motivation, but the desire to learn must come from within. He believes that the students who succeed in their goals are those who are least worried about making mistakes.

Dale came to Denmark in 2005 and has worked as an English teacher ever since. He lives with his Danish girlfriend, who has slowly made him aware of the fact that the sense of humour that Brits and Danes allegedly share is not quite as similar as we are led to believe.

What Dale loves most about living in Copenhagen is its diversity, affording him the opportunity to meet others from all around the world. In particular, he enjoys the challenge of working with people from a range of different backgrounds and encouraging them to learn from each other.

There are things he misses about his birthplace in the north of England, in particular its hills and its Rugby League, but he acknowledges the fact that there is a price to pay for living in the world’s (almost) happiest country.

Dale recommends:
Food & drink: Danes are obsessed with their health – quite reasonably so. But an occasional plate of good-quality pie, chips and beans will only reduce your life expectancy by a day or two. And who needs an extra two days eating raw carrots anyway?
Places to visit: The Scottish Highlands for rainy walks.
Learning tips: Don’t be afraid to speak. In fact, insist on doing so. When you speak, you will get a response, and you will learn from it. Also, read your favourite novel aloud in the language you are learning to your partner at bedtime: this is a great way of getting to grips with pronunciation. Your partner will also fall asleep very quickly.