Student Talk: Improve your memory!

april 01, 2020

Carl-Johan Boraxbekk is a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging.

At the Student Talk he will give an overview of the brain imaging tools he and his colleagues are using to study the brain’s structure, function and chemistry.

He will then focus on explaining their research on memory training, and how to use memory strategies to learn new information, for example language. He will introduce the recently developed memory training app as one tool that they are currently testing as a large-scale attempt to improve memory across the lifespan.

He will finish up with some studies examining the effects of language training on brain health.

It takes place:
Wednesday 1 April from 16:30-17:30
Borgergade 14, 1st floor, room 131

It's free, but please register below.

Everybody is welcome!