Would you like to improve your German? Do you need one-to-one tuition? Do your employees need to improve their German language skills?


We design customized German courses. You have a choice of one-to-one tuition for individuals and companies or group courses at your company.


Whether you need a general brush-up course or you would prefer to focus on Business German, we can meet your needs.


We also design German language courses targeting specific business areas, such as insurance or language for teaching.


All German courses can take place at your company, at our offices on Borgergade or on Skype.


When planning your course, we are very flexible and strive to create a schedule that is convenient for you.


Please read the short descriptions of our courses so you can get a better idea of what sort of course might be right for you. Keep in mind that all courses can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual company or participant.

Katja Larsen-Davis

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Please call Katja at 33 18 79 34 or send an email. We can create the right course for you or your employee.


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