Get going with Japanese

Do you think it’s strange not to be able to say a word of Japanese when you actually have a lot of contact with Japan?

Take an introduction course in which you will get a basic knowledge of Japanese with a special focus on learning to speak Japanese. We use a simple and practical approach with the help of pronunciation exercises, simple conversation, listening exercises and deliberate practice with the specific expressions needed for social and business situations. We always base your course on  what you need and what motivates you.

The course will also give you insight into Japanese culture and traditions and the mindset of Japanese people. In addition, you’ll be given the tools to understand the ways in which the Japanese think and act.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

- Greet people and use polite phrases,
- Introduce yourself and others - providing information on your nationality and occupation,
- Describe everyday things,
- Talk about food and the weather,
- Ask for directions.

We can arrange your courses in different formats. You can receive on-to-one lessons or be in a group of up to 8 people.
We can teach you at your company or at Studieskolen’s premises on Borgergade in the center of Copenhagen. We can start up your course with about one week’s warning.
If you already have some knowledge of Japanese, we can arrange a tailor-made course based on your current level and language needs.

Contact us - call or write.  We will send you an offer within 24 hours.