About us

Studieskolen has taught foreigners Danish for over 40 years as one of the biggest language schools in Denmark with the best results.


We specialize in teaching Danish to foreigners who have at least 12 years of education. At Studieskolen you learn Danish quickly and efficiently so that you can work or study in Denmark.


The education requirement sometimes frustrates potential students who we are unable to accept. However, the many thousands of students who have met the requirement and therefore have learned Danish here over the years have been more than satisfied with us.


Our success rate is high when comparing exam results: Studieskolen’s students score higher than students from other language schools at the final Danish examinations. In addition, our students are satisfied - we score 5.7 out of 6 in our satisfaction surveys.


Recognized teaching materials
Studieskolen has produced many of the best teaching materials for Danish in the market. The materials are recognized for their quality and are used to teach Danish at many schools in Denmark as well as at universities abroad.


Learn Danish without trouble
For many years, we have taught Danish under contract with the City of Copenhagen with all the advantages and disadvantages this entails.
From 1 August 2018, we no longer have a contract with the municipality, and therefore we can offer flexible Danish education that is not bound by administrative ties and bureaucratic procedures.


Our students no longer have to deal with deposits, module vouchers or time limited education.


Will offer Danish courses on commercial terms, so we can set the price - and it will be at the same level as in language schools operating on municipal terms.