Faq - questions and answers

Find answers to many questions about our classes starting in August and the transition rules.

How do I sign up for a new class in August?

Registration and payment can be made on Studieskolen’s website.

How does the testing process work? Can anyone sign themselves up to any class they please?

When you register for a class, there will be a detailed explanation of the requirements for successful participation in that class. It will be possible to do an online test as well as contact a student advisor if necessary.

How many times a week will the classes be held? Will it all be blended learning? What about the day classes? Will they cost the same?

The classes will be held once, twice or three times per week. Most of the classes will be held in the blended learning format. We offer day-, evening-, Saturday- and online classes.
The price depends on the number of offered lessons per class.
Click here to see the course programme.

Do I pay per class or per level? What happens if I need to repeat a class?

You pay per class. If you need to repeat a class, this is of course possible, but you will need to pay for it again.

Will there be supplementary courses (pronunciation, writing and conversation)?

We will also offer pronunciation, writing, and conversation classes from the September programme. These will be offered as supplementary courses, and will be on our website as soon as the programme is ready.



Can I sign up for a new class now? What if I haven’t gotten to that level by August after all?

You are welcome to sign up for a class now. If it turns out that you need a higher or lower level, then we can just transfer you to the right one.


What if I sign up for a class, but I change my mind or want to wait?

Up until a week before the classes start, your payment (minus a 100 DKK administration fee) will be refunded if you decide not to take the class after all.

If I began a module before 31 July but have not finished it yet, do I still have to pay?

All of the classes we offer after 1 August are ones that you have to pay for yourself.

What about the voucher system?

There will be no voucher system, deposit or limited time to learn Danish in Studieskolen’s new classes. This will give each student more flexibility. We do not yet know how the council of Copenhagen will administer the transfer of open vouchers to the new language schools. We will update this page when we know more.

What about the new co-pay for the Danish Education classes after 1 July which is part of the new tax reform?

Since Studieskolen’s summer term will begin at the end of June, our students will not be affected by the new co-pay rule for the July classes.
According to the proposed law, students will need to pay a 2000 DKK co-pay for each new module they start after 1 July. As far as we know, if you have started a module before 1 July, then you will not need to pay the co-pay for that module, even if you transfer over to one of the new schools after 1. August.

What about the module deposit?

When our contract with the council of Copenhagen ends on 31 July, we will refund all of the students’ module deposits.