Survey autumn 2017

As part of our effort to provide the best Danish courses in Copenhagen, we send out a survey to our students.


The survey is designed to measure how satisfied our students are with Studieskolen so that we can ensure the quality of our lessons.
There are 12 questions – here you can see the result from this autumn’s survey.


We asked the students if they agreed with the following questions on a scale from 1 to 6 where 1 is strongly disagree and 6 is strongly agree.


  1. I am satisfied with the level of service at Studieskolen’s office: 5,32
  2. I can easily find the information I need on Studieskolen’s website: 5,07
  3. The teaching materials are good: 5,24
  4. I find the lessons relevant: 5,33
  5. The pace of the class is appropriate: 5,10
  6. I like my teacher's teaching style: 5,49
  7. My teacher knows a lot about the Danish language: 5,70
  8. My teacher is dedicated and creates a nice atmosphere in our class: 5,62
  9. The other students are prepared and participate actively in class: 5,03
  10. It is important to me that the other students are prepared and participate actively in class: 5,08
  11. I am satisfied with the work I have put into this class: 4,97
  12. Studieskolen has lived up to my expectations: 5,35


What do our students think?

What is it like to learn Danish at Studieskolen?

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