Student testimonials

What is it like to learn Danish at Studieskolen? What do our students think?

What about our teachers, the way they teach and the materials?



"After 5 weeks of classes in Studieskolen I am very satisfied. Teacher is great, progress is fast, people in my group are nice, location of the school is good and concept of “Danish to go” is perfect. Cannot think about anything negative at the moment. Keep going :o)"
Marin Haugas, Estonia – module 1



 "I like the fact that I am taught about reel everyday life more than imaginary things. My teacher I do like very much & I think teaching methods are just the way they should be."
Agnieszka Barszczewska, Poland – module 3



 "Jeg kan godt lide Studieskolen. Progression er god synes jeg. Læreren er også god og jeg kan forstå klassen."
Alessandro Foddai, Italy – module 3



"The school has an excellent recommendation from other students: all of the aspects, like course offerings, timing of the classes, location are very positive. The materials are also very good."
Weronika Magda Majewska, Poland – module 4


"I like the book and the way topics are separated (listening, writing etc). I can feel a progression in before totally unknown new learned language. My teacher is really great and explains reasons of usage of words from all the angles. Also uses language as people in daily live – fast and with light non academic pronunciation."
Sabine Saukuma, Latvia – module 3




 "Lærerne er altid glade for at forklare, hvis man har svært ved at forstå en regel. Studietider er fleksible og man kan vælge den der passer bedst. Det er nemt at brug internetsystemet. Det gør det rigtig komfortable at finde hjemmeopgaver og dele hjemmearbejde. Jeg har aldrig haft problemer med at bruge systemet. Jeg kan bedst lide skriftlig opgaver, hvor man kan udvikler sin kendskab og få sin tekst rettet."
Semen Krotkykh, Ukraine – module 4


"I like so much course Danish to go because I can study a lot at home by internet. I have a small baby so it is not easy to come to classes so often. I am glad that you started that course."
Maryna Kovtanets, Ukraine – module 1



"Location is convenient. Progression is at a pace that is good for me. I think that the method is very efficient and the teacher I have is excellent. Course offerings are convenient for me and materials are very helpful."
Mariana Olivera West, Mexico – module 3



"I believe that Studieskolen represents a good place where you can learn Danish, because the progression is indeed fast and the fact that the teacher is most of the time speaking Danish instead of English is really helpful. I think the materials are quite easy to use and the structure of the book is very good and challenging in a way."
Isabela Georgiana Guran, Romania – module 2



"Really nice the one week lessons with blended learning. And the web based portal is really good! The approach of the lessons and method is really nice and for me the relax way of the teachers were fundamental for my learning process."
Renata Amorim Marques da Silva, Brazil – module 1



"With Studieskolen you can feel how fast you can learn Danish thanks to its dynamic teaching method. This hard language even seems easy to learn."
Isabel Martinez Armada, Spain – module 1


"The location of Studieskolen is perfect. It’s right at the middle of the city, so wherever one lives, it’s easy to get there. There are also some cafes and bars in the neighborhood, so to go out for a drink with your classmates after class should not be a problem.
For the good progress it is important to get into a good group with a teacher that really pushes you and doing your homework is needed to. But there are quite some fun exercises, so it shouldn’t be too boring."
Lili Eszter Borzsák, Hungary – module 2