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Studieskolen has taught Danish to foreigners for over 40 years. Our language classes have played an important role in ensuring that foreigners are able to get good jobs and thrive in Denmark. And we want to continue doing so!


Our Danish courses are aimed at foreigners who have an education from their homeland and who learn new languages easily. In our courses, you will learn a lot of Danish in a short time, and we have a very fast progression.


It is much easier to learn Danish quickly and efficiently when everyone in the class has the same level. This leaves more time for our students to focus on their other studies or work – or in finding a better job. This is one of the main reasons that at the end of each course, you will be taking a test to see if you are ready to continue on to the next level.


Since we have always prioritized that everyone in the class is working at the same level, we have year after year been able to achieve the nation’s highest score in the official Danish exams, and we score quite high in our student satisfaction surveys (5.7 out of 6 possible).


Since we have such an excellent reputation to maintain, we will also be offering Danish classes for well-educated foreigners after 1 August 2018.


Is Studieskolen right for you?

  • You need to have gone to school for at least 12 years.
  • You must have taken, be taking, or be planning on taking a higher education of some sort.
  • You must have learned at least one other language beyond your native language.
  • You must be able to speak English.
  • You must be good at grammar – f.ex. you must be able to analyse sentence structure and parts of speech.


If you are in doubt about whether Studieskolen is right for you, then please contact one of our student advisors before you sign up – click here.


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We offer events of all kinds for our Danish students: conversation café, bike workshop, reception, chorus and more.


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