Classrooms in the centre of Copenhagen

Our classrooms are located in the very heart of Copenhagen!


Most of our classes take place at Studieskolen, located on the corner of Borgergade and Gothersgade. We have an entrance at Borgergade 12, one at Borgergade 14 and one at Gothersgade 14.


Our administration is located on the ground floor at Borgergade 12.

Some classes are held in nearby locations at Vognmagergade and a few at Copenhagen University, Amager.

Once you are registered in a course, please check where your lessons are held.


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We have put numbers on the map, so that you easily cand find the locations.

  1. Studieskolen, Borgergade 12, 1st and 2nd floor
  2. Studieskolen, Gothersgade 14, 1st and 5th floor
  3. Vognmagergade 8



See the locations and how to find them:

Visit our café at Borgergade/Gothersgade, 1st floor!

Read more about the café here.