About Studieskolen

Since 1977 Studieskolen has taught languages, developed didactics for language teaching and safeguarded the importance of foreign languages. Studieskolen teaches more than 8,000 professionals, expats and private individuals more than 30 languages every year. Studieskolen's mission is to improve the language skills of Danes and foreigners in Denmark.


Studieskolen is organized in 3 departments:


Foreign Languages (open courses)
Studieskolen’s foreign language department offers classes in more than 30 languages. The courses start 6 times a year.


Danish for Foreigners
Studieskolen’s Danish Language Centre teaches Danish for Foreigners.


Business Languages
Studieskolen’s Business Department offers language courses for the Business Community and one-to-one courses in all languages, including Danish.

News from Studieskolen

Our Danish students do really well after having prepared for the exams in our classes.

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