Price and number of lessons

Course price

The price is for each class. On some courses there are fewer participants, in this case course price is higher. In some classes the teaching material will be handed out in the class, in that case the teaching materials are included in the price.


Reduced price

Copenhagen and Frederiksberg provide an additional subsidy for the unemployed, pensioners and students residing in the two municipalities. The grant is DKK 6, - per lesson, rounded to the nearest 5 DKK.
The following are covered: Pensioners, recipients of unemployment benefits, social assistance recipients, students receiving grants and apprentices with a signed training agreement.


When you sign up, you must give or submit documentation. The documentation may include certificate from the employment service or "A-kassen", early retirement evidence, SU message or training agreement. The documentation must be valid on the day your course starts.
Pensioners aged 65 and over do not have to show documentation.


When you enrol in a course at a reduced price on our website you can upload documentation or send it afterwards to


NB. The unemployed can participate in Studieskolen's classes - even dayclasses - without that having an impact on the daily allowance.


Number of lessons

In each course description, you can see the number of teaching lessons. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes.