Courses in foreign languages

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All foreign language courses require some knowledge of Danish since some explanations, elaborations and more will be conducted in Danish. This, however, does not apply to English as all English courses (from beginner to advanced) are taught only in English. 


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Our classes have a maximum of 20 students in order to provide more time for each student. Often, the number is less. We even offer courses with fewer students (5-10). 


Quality and dedication are important keywords for our classes. In all our classes there is time for every student to get to speak the language, perform exercises and practise every aspect ranging from grammar to pronunciation. All these ensure your success in learning a new foreign language.


After completing a course, a higher-level course continuing from where you left will usually be available. It is vital to us that our students have the possibility to enrol in new relevant courses; this way we ensure ongoing successful language training and progress.        


Our classes take place in the centre of Copenhagen and in Lyngby.   


Our language levels are aligned with The European Framework of Reference for Languages.


courses outside Copenhagen

Our classrooms are mostly located in the centre of Copenhagen - but we also offer courses in Lyngby and Holte
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Cambridge english

Read about preparatory courses and Cambridge exams at different levels.
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