Danish online

Are you interested in online Danish?
Choose blended learning for beginners


Is it difficult for you to get to Danish lessons twice a week? Then you should choose our online Danish programme. Our online Danish courses are conducted as blended learning. This means that you only have to attend class once a week and the rest of the work is done online. We have developed exciting material for blended learning which we call "Danish to Go”.


In class, we work with oral communication, pronunciation and a little grammar. You work with listening, reading and writing on your computer. Many of the assignments are self-correcting, but you will have to send the written assignments to the teacher.


You must be able to

  • work independently with language learning with English as an auxiliary language 
  • allocate 8 hours a week to work independently with online exercises and written and oral assignments


Technical requirements

  • computer with internet connection 
  • microphone (eg headset or integrated in the computer)



You can expect

  • a flexible form of learning 
  • online access to all training materials including audio and video 
  • a progression similar to other class types at Studieskolen


At the moment we offer blended learning on module 1 and module 2.