Choose residence

You are a beginner, if you have never learned Danish. This means that you cannot speak or write any Danish. If you already speak some Danish, please come for a placement test.


You need to have a social security number (cpr) in order to apply. If you are paying for your Danish lessons yourself, e.g. because you do not have a cpr-number, please click here.


In order to apply for Danish lessons you will need to complete three steps:

  1. Fill in a declaration for your council
  2. Fill in an application on this website
  3. Students starting Danish lessons from 1 July 2017 will have to pay a deposit of DKK 1,250. You will get the money back when you have completed your Danish education. Please click here to find information about the deposit.


Fill in declaration

We kindly ask you to print and fill in a declaration. Please choose the correct declaration depending on where you live:



When you have printed the correct declaration, please fill it in and sign it. 
Then you can either scan the declaration or take a photo of it and upload it with your application.


Once you have filled in the declaration you can procede to the application.