Higher Education Exam

This Examination concludes module 6 of Danish Education 3. It is the exam you need when you apply for higher education in Denmark.

Summer 2017
Last entry March 6 - the registration deadline has passed
Written exam: May 15
Listening exam: June 1
Oral exam: June 12 to 23


Winter 2017
Last entry September 4
Written exam: November 13
Listening exam: November 24
Oral exam: December 4 to 15

If you are a student at Studieskolen
, your teacher will help you register for The Higher Education Examination in class.


If you are not a student at Studieskolen, you can register for The Higher Education Examination at the bottom of this page or at our office on Borgergade 12, 1300 Copenhagen K. Registration for the winter exam from June.


Cancellation of the exam can take place until one week before the exam. The examination fee cannot be refunded after this. There will be a cancellation fee of 50 kr.



Exam overview?

The exam consists of a written part, listening comprehension and an oral part.


1. The written exam
is made up of a reading comprehension test and a written test.

  • Reading comprehension takes 1 hour and 30 minutes and is divided into three parts. You have to answer questions based on a large amount of written material. To understand the material, you must have some knowledge of Danish society.
  • The written test takes 3 hours. You have to write a coherent presentation on a given topic, including an analysis. There are three assignments of which you choose one.


2. The oral part of the exam
consists of test of listening comprehension and test of oral communication.

  • The listening comprehension test takes approximately 70 minutes and is divided into two parts. You have to understand and extract information from an informative text which is read aloud.
  • The oral test takes 30 minutes. After the listening comprehension test you will be given three topics, one of which will be the subject of the oral examination.


Exam grades and exam certificate?

The exam is graded according to the 7 point grading scale.
You have to achieve the grade 2 or higher in each of the four parts of the exam to pass.
We will issue an exam certificate after the oral examination. The certificate is ready 3 working days after the exam. You have to pick it up at Studieskolen yourself. Remember to bring photo ID.

Here you can find examples of previous exams (only in Danish).
Here you can find instructions for The Higher Education Examination (only in Danish).


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