Grammatik for dummies med Thomas Skov Gaardsvig

Danish Grammar for Dummies

Learn grammar with Thomas Skov Gaardsvig - see six small videos on Danish grammar and test yourself.


As it is about Danish grammar, the videos are in Danish.



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Who are we?

  • We have taught languages since 1977 - over 30 languages, both classes and tailored courses.
  • We have more than 8,000 students every year.
  • Lessons take place in the centre of Copenhagen.
  • Danish for foreigners - Danish Education 3 and Introdansk.
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News from Studieskolen

August 28: Lecture and workshop on neurodidactics and language Learning.


June 30: Our Danish students do really well after having prepared for the exams in our classes. See the grade average for the Danish Examinations summer 2015. 

August 27: Studieskolen is now an official testcenter for the TOEFL test.



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