Danish for Beginners

Would you like to learn Danish and start speaking with Danes? By taking solo lessons in Danish you can learn the language in a way that is fast, exciting and effective.

It is completely possible to live and work in Denmark without knowing anything about the Danish language. But that way you miss a lot. When you start our Danish course for beginners, you open up a doorway to deeper relations, more culture and the possibility to put down roots in Denmark more. You might even land your dream job.

Once you complete Danish for beginners, you will have learnt to:

  • communicate on a basic level
  • provide simple information about yourself, your family and your work
  • talk in present, past and future tense
  • understand the structure of Danish language
  • speak some Danish while doing things like shopping and visiting restaurants
  • read and write simple sentences related to everyday topics
  • have a little chat with a colleague by the coffee machine

Are you several colleagues wishing to learn together?

We provide 1:1 teaching as well as teaching in small groups, if you have co-workers who are also beginners wanting to learn Danish.

We experience a need for Danish, even though our corporate language is English.

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Your engagement with Studieskolen Business


Please contact us and we will send you a quote. We match you with an experienced teacher best suited to meet your needs and requirements.


Your language teacher will generate a personal training plan with course topics and learning goals.


At some point you or your company will receive an invoice. Upon completion of your course we kindly ask you to evaluate.


Your teacher writes a final report with recommendations on how you can maintain and extend your language competencies.

Why choose Danish courses at Studieskolen?

Studieskolen has more than 40 years’ experience in language teaching and we are one of Denmark’s largest schools offering teaching in Danish and foreign languages. We have 150 teachers affiliated with us, and all our teachers have a university degree and teaching experience. This means that we are able to carefully select the teacher who most closely matches your needs – both in terms of when you would like to be taught as well as in relation to certain technical terms, cultural differences and so on.

We are flexible and we plan the course together with you. For example, you can decide to see your teacher several times a week if you need to get better fast.

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Call or send us an email, and let us help you and your organisation move forward with language learning.

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