Danish for Beginners

Target group
This course is aimed at non-Danes who have a little or no knowledge of Danish and who wish, in a short timeframe, to be able to communicate with Danes in everyday situations.

Course content
All our Danish for beginners courses prioritise spoken language skills, enabling students to communicate straight away. Emphasis is placed on pronunciation, listening comprehension and speaking.

We use a range of language learning systems for beginners, developed by our teachers, and consult our students on which methods they find most effective.

Danish culture and society are integral parts of all our Danish for beginners courses.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • communicate in Danish at a simple level,
  • give basic information about themselves, their family and their job,
  • speak in the present, past and future tenses and have a knowledge of the structure of the Danish language,
  • function in Danish in basic everyday situations such as shopping and visiting restaurants,
  • read and write simple sentences about everyday subjects.

If they wish, students can be tested at the end of the course. In this case we will issue a course certificate.

Course structure
A beginners course usually consists of between 40 – 60 lessons. To ensure rapid progress, students should expect to attend classes at least twice a week.

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