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Take a Danish course in the centre of Copenhagen or learn Danish online. You will learn a lot of Danish in a short time.
New courses every six weeks for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.
For you who are not eligible for free Danish Education

For over 40 years, Studieskolen has been successfully helping foreigners obtain good jobs and secure a good life in Denmark

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About learning Danish at Studieskolen

What is it like to learn Danish at Studieskolen? Read about our students and listen to what they say about Studieskolen. You can read about our Danish lessons and about what we offer outside the classrom.

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What language can lead to

What language can lead to

Daniel from New Zealand has learned Danish at Studieskolen – in only 2½ years he has made so much progress that he speaks Danish almost flawlessly. He can cope with any situation – on the job, in his family and among friends.
It pays to learn the language properly.
See the film with Daniel in Danish.


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