Studieskolen's organisation

Here you can read about Studieskolen's activities and how we are organised in departments.


We have been teaching languages to adults under the name Studieskolen since 1977. We provide courses in Danish as well as in 30 other languages with courses starting all year round.

Our activities can be divided into the following areas:

  • Foreign language teaching in groups – general education for adults with a subsidy from the municipality of Copenhagen.
  • Group teaching in Danish for foreigners – language courses with the teaching in Danish for foreigners.
  • Company and one-to-one teaching – tailor-made Danish and foreign language courses for individuals or companies.
  • FVU Danish, English and mathematics
  • Tests and exams, e.g. Danish tests and exams, Cambridge English and TOEFL.
  • The knowledge centre le:v:el.
  • Sprogstøtte: language support for SOSU students.

The teachers at Studieskolen all have a university education. Many are native speakers with a university qualification in language from their home country, while others are Danes who teach languages from countries in which they have studied at university and spent a long time.

The teaching takes place in the centre of Copenhagen and in Copenhagen V. 


Studieskolen is divided into the following two organisational units – a general education association and a business foundation.

The Studieskolen Association in Copenhagen provides foreign language teaching for groups. In addition, the association has also established the knowledge centre, le:v:el, which offers courses and seminars on the teaching of foreign languages in practice. The centre is based on the knowledge and experience in practical and communicative teaching that Studieskolen’s foreign language department has built up over almost 50 years.

Finally, a test centre, which arranges Danish tests and exams and English exams, in particular, such as Cambridge English and TOEFL, is connected to the Studieskolen Association.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of the association can join.

The Director of the association is Charlotte Lorenzen and the Chairwoman of the Board is Lisbeth Verstraete-Hansen.

The Studieskolen Association is connected to the Danish Adult Learning Association (Dansk Oplysnings Forbund).

CVR-no.: 81246319

The foundation, Fonden Studieskolen Business. It provides Danish courses for groups - also free Danish Education under contract with the municipality of Copenhagen - and tailor-made one-to-one and company teaching.

The Director of the foundation is Charlotte Lorenzen and the Chairman of the Board is Nikolaj Lubanski.

CVR-no.: 11662471

Charlotte Lorenzen

Managing Director